21 Jun

Summer internships done by ESES students

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Taking advantage of the summer break, some ESES students have started internships in Swedish solar-related companies and other international organizations. This is a great way to get some first hands-on experience in the industry, thus complementing the knowledge gained at the university.

In this regards, Ashenafi Weldemariam, from Ethiopia, will spend his summer months at Glava Energy Center testing several components such as modules, inverters, batteries, battery chargers and meters; as well as testing the effect of shading on a normal module vs a type of smart module (ITS) developed by Swemodule.

Getu Temasgen, also from Ethiopia, is currently working with ESES alumni Joe Philip, in a project to install a micro-grid for 6 villages in Ghana. Getu is doing some of the technology and local company research as well as a preliminary design of the PV system + energy storage for the villages.

Marcos Morales Pallares, from Spain, has been working on the simulation of a PV string inverter with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), as internship work for Optistring, a startup located in Stockholm.

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