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03 Apr

Modelling installation cost for rooftop PV systems

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My name is Mazin AL-Hashimi, I’m 26 years old solar energy engineer, with Electrical Engineering background. I have more than three years work experience with renewable energy mainly solar energy design, installation, management and marketing in the Middle East and California.

  • Title: 'Modelling installation cost for rooftop PV systems.'
  • Author: Mazin AL-Hashimi
  • Supervisors: Dr.Tara Kandpal (academic supervisor), and David Larsson (from Solkompaniet).
  • Context: At DU, in partnernship with a Swedish solar company: Solkompaniet.
  • Status: In progress.

During my work as a solar engineer I was privileged to be a part of the engineering crew responsible for implementing the largest solar power project in the Middle East to provide potable sterile water using 729 integrated factories powered by solar energy, distributed in 700 villages to supply pure water to more than 1.5 million people.

I have studied a Master program in Solar Energy Engineering at Dalarna University, Borlange. Thesis title associated with this program is “Modelling installation cost for rooftop PV systems” and it was done with Solkompaniet, Stockholm, which is one of the largest PV systems installers in Sweden. Supervisors are Dr.Tara Kandpal (academic supervisor), and David Larsson (from Solkompaniet).

On the grounds that the cost of installation has become a large part of the total cost of PV systems, a great deal of attention has placed around it in this thesis, with a special attention to the cost of labour associated with it. This thesis presents a cost model for the process of installation of rooftop PV systems based on data collected for actual projects. Costs related to labour, shipping, equipment, travel, and accommodation have been analysed and discussed throughout the thesis to establish the cost model for a variety of situations. Furthermore, the proposed model attempts towards a comparative evaluation of the cost of installation of rooftop PV systems for projects with different types of roofs, locations and capacities.

It’s worth mentioning that this thesis will be the first published study attempting to create a cost model for rooftop PV systems installation process. The cost model will help decision makers to make their decision easier, faster and more efficient. This will reduce time, effort and money related to that and will provide accurate estimation for installation cost and limit the risks in taking and funding the investment. It will also help students and researchers to evaluate, compare and provide a better understanding for the cost and time required for installing different rooftop PV systems.

Mazin Al-Hashimi


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