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During the spring semester a 15 credit (~2.5 months) or a 30 credit (4-5 months) thesis project is carried out by students who choose the one year program. Two year program student's carry out during their last semester a 30 credit master thesis project.

The thesis project can be done in the industriy, within one of the research groups at the Solar Energy Research Centre SERC or with other researchers or professionals (sometimes with alumni). Students can also define their own thesis project.

All thesis topics need to be related to Solar Energy Engineering. Thesis projects can include experimental work but also purely theoretical projects, e.g. simulation studies, are possible.

There exist multiple possibilities to integrate the master thesis as part of an exchange program with parterning universities (inside or outiside Europe) or to look for grants in order to fund a possible field trip abroad. These aspects are discussed with the Program Director prior to the approval of the thesis topic.

For all projects an ESES supervisor will be assigned. The completed work is presented as a thesis and defended at a seminar. During the seminar every student will have an student opponent and will be self opponent to another student's thesis work.


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