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ESES students spend a considerable part of their time in the laboratories in order to experiment and understand the practical side of the theory learned in the class. This is particularly important when studying photovoltaic or solar thermal systems, as well as passive solar concepts. Students learn how to mount systems, use tools and equipment, as well as perform tests according to current standards.

The following laboratories and resources are currently available at ESES:

Basic concepts:

  • Physics lab.
  • Electrical Power lab.
  • Thermodynamics lab.

Solar energy laboratories & resources:

  • Solar radiation lab – with solar simulators
  • Energy lab – where solar thermal systems are tested.
  • Combustion lab – with a pellet stove
  • Hybrid Off-grid PV-Wind system – including batteries, generator and a fuel cell.
  • 3kW PV Grid connected system
  • Mini-project lab – where students carry out small indoor solar projects.
  • Roof – available for other tests requiring outdoor conditions.
  • Wooden made passive house.

Most courses also include practical work in the form of simulation experiments with specific software for solar engineers. Dalarna University offers several computer labs as well as wifi connection in all its campuses. All registered students also have access to several online scientific databases during all courses and during the development of their Master Thesis.

In order to broaden our student's view on solar and energy concepts, ESES organizes every year several study visits to selected companies and relevant Swedish organisms involved in the development of solar energy.  


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