Two Year Master Program

The Two Year Master Program in Solar Energy Engineering

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New Curriculum for 2016

Starting in 2016, the  Master's Programme will have a new curriculum focused on enhancing students capabilities in our core subjects in solar engineering especially PV and systems design. The main improvements include:

  • More experimental/practical engineering work for students.
  • Adding internship opportunities that can be undertaken internationally.
  • Offering students the chance to study abroad in the third semester of the two-year programme.
  • Involving  alumni with industry connections in a new course on global perspectives in Solar Energy.


Program Structure and Content

Semester 1 (Autumn)
Course Name Credits
Applied Solar Engineering (EG3013) 7.5
Solar Radiation and Solar Geometry (EG30xx) 5
Photovoltaics (EG3008) 7.5
Economics and Financing of Solar Energy (EG3005) 2.5
Solar Thermal (EG3007) 7.5
Semester 2 (Spring)
Course Name Credits
Design of PV and PV Hybrid Systems (EG3006) 7.5
Design of Solar Thermal Systems (EG3009) 7.5
Energy Storage (MÖ4003) 5
Scientific Communication (EG40xx) 5
The Social Context of Energy Systems (EG3004) 5
Optional Summer Courses
Course Name Credits
Global Perspectives in Solar Energy (EGxxxx) 5
Solar Energy Internship 7.5 or 15


Summer courses are completely optional and can be completed between the first and second year of the programme or after the second year of the programme. Alumni from the Solar Energy Engineering programme will be integrated into the Global Perspectives in Solar Energy course.
Students who take summer courses can use the credits towards their degree and therefore reduce their course load in the third semester.

Students who wish to undertake an internship course may be eligible for an Erasmus grant if they undertake their internship in an Erasmus+ country. Students are responsible for finding their own internship and can receive advice from the faculty about how to do this. 

Semester 3 (Autumn)

In this third semester, you can choose to take the following courses at Dalarna University or you can complete one semester of course work at an approved partner university.

Course Name Credits
Dynamic Simulation of Energy Systems (MÖ4001) 5
Sustainable Energy Systems (EG3012) 5
Solar Building Design (EG40xx) 5
Project Course in Solar Energy Systems or Energy Efficient Buildings (MÖ4005) 7.5
Solar Thermal Power (MÖ4004) 7.5
Semester 4 (Spring)
Course Name Credits
Thesis Work in Solar Energy Technology (EG4001) 30

The programme is a two-year Master degree of Science with a major in Solar Energy Engineering. All courses are taught in English. After passing all courses, including the thesis work, the student is awarded the Degree of Master of Science with a major in Solar Energy Engineering.

The programme comprises 120 credits (1 credit = 1 ECTS) and begins at the end of August, which is the start of the autumn semester.

  • 1.5 credits corresponds to one week of full-time studies. 
  • 60 credits corresponds to one year of full-time studies.
  • The syllabus of some of the courses is available in the equivalent Dalarna University page (follow this link).
  • For more information, please contact the Programme Coordinator Frank Fiedler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Please see our Credit and Grading System webpage for more detailed information on this subject.

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