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The European Solar Energy School is located in Borlänge, right in the heart of Dalarna, a province situated north-west from Stockholm. The city is surrounded by countryside rich in forests and lakes – unspoiled nature. In the summer months, you can enjoy the peaceful countryside, and in winter, why not take advantage of the wonderful cross-country trails and downhill ski runs! 

Borlänge, with about 50000 inhabitants, is the second biggest town in the region. Originally it was one of several small country villages that earned its living on farming. Nowadays there are mainly two big industries: the paper-mill (Kvarnsveden) and the steel factory (the multinational SSAB). You can still see the old country villages around Dalarna. In Borlänge 'Bergslagsbyn' is worth a visit. It is protected by law as it is of cultural interest. 


Autumn and winter

There are quite a number of events throughout the year in Borlänge and its surroundings. In September there is usually an evening where the local fire-work factory invite people to look at the latest creations along with the music of several Borlänge orchestras, "Festival Salute". Oktoberfest is a two evening party in the end of September in the center of Borlänge. Here you can mingle with the local people.

In wintertime you can ski in the woods or at Romme Alpin ski station, or skate on the lakes nearby. In January/February there are public days on Runn with a lot of people on the ice-covered lake. 

February/March is also the time when the Swedish Rally is held in the forest of Dalarna. Dress warm, prepare something hot to drink and eat, go out to the racing tracks in the forest, find yourself and your friends a place and wait for the cars! Do not miss the Swedish Ski Games at Lugnet, Falun in February!


Spring and summer

In April/May the training for the longboat race begins. A longboat consist of 20 oarsmen and women who have to row in perfect harmony and keep up the speed. It is not as easy as it seems! The competitions is held in July on Siljan lake. The training for Team Borlänge is on Lake Runn. 

For Midsummer these longboats are used as in the old days when people had to cross the lake to get to church on Sundays. Today this is honoured at midsummer when several longboats cross lake Siljan dressed in branches of "björk" and the oarsmen, women dressed like in the old days. The Midsummer celebration in Leksand is one of the most important, gathering up to 30000 people for this event.

During summer there is the possibility to see the Swedish' love for old American cars (love shared by Swedish and Cubans...!) Cruising in Borlänge and Classic car/Classic Lady in Leksand/Rättvik are held in the month of July. There is a saying in Sweden: When the first motorbike and the first classic car are seen on the roads, well, spring has definitely arrived!


But also...

Throughout all the year it is also possible to visit many other places in Sweden: the coast in Gävle is a perfect spot to swim during the summer months. The National Park of Fulufjället and its impressive waterfall is well worth a visit, especially during winter, when the waterfall freezes. In Stockholm (also known as the “Venice of the North”) there are many attractions, such as the ABBA Museum, the open-air museum, Skansen, or a promenade in Gamla Stan, the old medieval city. 


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