The timeline of ESES history

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01 January 2014

First intake of the two year program

First official intake of the two year ESES program which is offered in parallel with the one year Master program. In total 30 program and 10 exchange students start with the autumn courses. 15 students are fee paying.

01 January 2013

Swedish Educational Board approves two year Master

The Swedish Educational Board grants DU/ESES to examine a two year Master degree in Solar Energy Engineering.

01 January 2012

Two year ESES Master program application submitted

A two year ESES Master program is designed and an application for examination rights was submitted.

01 January 2012

The King of Sweden visits ESES and SERC

ESES and SERC were honoured by the visit of the reigning King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

01 January 2011

Agreement with CIEMAT - Plataforma Solar de Almería

Agreement with CIEMAT Plataforma Solar de Almería for internship and thesis work of ESES students.

03 March 2010

Collaboration with European Partner Universities

Intensified collaboration with a number of European Partner Universities including teacher exchange and thesis projects. 

02 February 2010

Swedish government introduces tuition fees for non-EU students

Swedish government introduces tuition fees for non-EU students. More Europeans students join the program, 3 fee paying students. 

01 January 2010

New building and facilities for ESES and SERC

SERC and ESES move to the main building with new solar lab facilities and a façade integrated solar heating system. 

02 February 2009

Almost 1000 applications

Almost 1000 applications for the ESES program.

01 January 2009

Partner agreement with KTH

Partner agreement with KTH allowing their SEE students to study four ESES courses in semi-distance.

03 March 2008

Second participation in the "Frisian Solar Challenge"

Second participation in the”Frisian Solar Challenge” in the Netherlands. 6th place in the open category. 

02 February 2008

Linnaeus-Palme collaboration with Surabaya University

Start of the Linnaeus-Palme collaboration with Surabaya University, Indonesia. From 2010 teacher exchange.

01 January 2008

First guest lecture from alumni

First guest lecture of an ESES Alumni and first distance course offered.

01 January 2007

PV lab revitalized by ESES students

The PV lab on the roof the DU’s main building was revitalized by ESES Master students, including the installation of a wind turbine to enable the study of PV-wind hybrid systems. 

01 January 2006

Participation in "Frisian Solar Challenge"

First participation in the solar boat race ”Frisian Solar Challenge” in the Netherlands.

01 January 2005

ESES Alumni Network formed

ESES Alumni network was formed: “ESES Collective”, Some ESES students and teachers participate in the NorthSun conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

01 January 2005

New PV systems contents added

From 2005 until 2008: More PV systems related contents are added to the program.

01 January 2003

Participation in ISES World Congress

ESES students together with SERC faculty participate in the ISES Solar World Congress in Gothenburg.

01 January 2001

Increase of number of students

From 2001 until 2006: Constantly increasing number of students. In the later years about 20-25 students including 3-5 exchange students.

01 January 2000

8 program students

Eight program students.

01 January 2000

Collaboration with IIT New Delhi started

Collaboration with IIT New Delhi was initiated, Since then Prof. Tara Kandpal  is teaching in the ESES program as a guest professor

01 June 1999

The first ESES program in Solar Energy Engineering starts

The first ESES program started in form of a one year program Master program in Solar Energy Engineering. The program contained four 7.5 cr courses and a 30 cr thesis. Five students from Sweden, France, China and Jamaica joined the program. Renowned national and international solar energy experts joined the teaching of the courses.

01 June 1993

A 3kW PV array is installed in DU

A 3kW grid connected PV system was installed on the roof of DU, Sweden's largest grid-connected PV system at that time.

01 June 1990

Selected courses offered

Selected  courses in solar energy engineering are offered.

01 June 1984

SERC is founded

The Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) at Dalarna University was founded.

SERC is founded
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